Women wigs are the most common types of wig out there and almost every woman has tried on a wig at one time or another. The most women wigs are used for celebrities who like to change their appearance frequently and women who wear wigs for cancer patientsWigs for cancer patients can make all the difference between being completely bald and having a life with a full head of hair for the duration of their chemotherapy and beyond.  Several celebrities, such as Dolly Parton and Cher have popularised the use of women wigs and have wigs that you can wear to look just like they do. 

Women wigs are a real fashion statement.  They can be worn to match certain outfits for a specific look.  They can be worn for months at a time to change your appearance—from a long straight fall to Afro wigs.  Some women have several wigs that fit them so they can change their appearance every day to match an outfit or just to look different with different makeup.  Afro wigs are popular among those with dark-toned skin. 
There’s no reason that wigs for cancer patients can’t be fashion statements, too.  Women with cancer can wear stylish women wigs for every occasion.  Historically, it was men who wore wigs but in the late 18th century, women began to wear wigs in France, in the French court of Versailles.  Such wigs were often elaborate and large and were worn as fashion statements. They were often very heavy and were further weighted down by the use of powders, pomades and ornamentation worn on the women wigs. Such wigs were a symbol of how decadent their lifestyle was and wigs, believe it or not, contributed to the onset of the French revolution.   

Nowadays the idea behind wigs is to make them look as realistic as possible.  Women wigs can come with lace fronts that make the hair look as though it is directly coming out of the scalp around the front and parts of the wig.

More Styles

Women wigs, interestingly enough, weren’t fashionable in the 19th and early 20th century.  They were only worn by elderly women who had lost all their hair and wigs for cancer patients were also used. 
Women wigs didn’t become popular until the 1960s when hippies wore Afro wigs and celebrities like Raquel Welch, Dolly Parton and Cher began wearing wigs for performances.  Ladies copied these celebrities and began wearing women wigs for every day.  They gained in popularity in those who wanted to style the wigs beforehand and who wanted to put their completed wig on and go with it.  Wigs are also popular at Halloween, when costumes are popular.  Wigs are also used by Orthodox Jewish women who must cover their own hair for purposes of modesty after they are married.  Such wigs are known as sheitels.  

Wigs are commonly used in theatre, movies and television.  If a movie or show is set in a different era, then wigs are used to change the appearance of the actors to reflect the era of the programming.  A few actors will grow or cut their hair to reflect the era but many use wigs so they can look normally in their regular life.
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